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If you want to know What Is Trojan Horse Virus and its example then we have brought this article for you. Trojan Horse Virus is malicious software that appears to be a casual code but it can control your system. This virus is too powerful to damage your computer and transfer all your secret data to the third person.


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What is trojan horse virus
What Is Trojan Horse Virus

Trojan Horse Virus Working

The attacker sends any Email with any attachment and when you’ll click on that attachment the malware would be downloaded in your device. Once the Trojan Horse installed on your device, it will start stealing your personal data and damage your computer. Sometimes it gets installed with any pirated movies or software.

Types Of Trojan Horse Virus

After knowing What Is Trojan Horse Virus, it is time to discuss its types. Different types of Trojan Horse Virus has been discussed below:

  • Backdoor Trojan
  • Game-thief Trojan
  • Downloader Trojan
  • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack Trojan
  • Fake AV Trojan
  • Ransom Trojan
  • Mailfinder Trojan
  • Infostealer Trojan
  • Remote Access Trojan
  • SMS Trojan
  • Rootkit Trojan
  • Trojan IM
  • Trojan banker

What Is Trojan Horse Virus Example?

This virus can do a lot of damage to your device. Two main examples of Trojan Horse has been given below:

  • Emotet banking Trojan: It is a very dangerous virus that used to steal financial data.
  • Rakhni Trojan: Rakhni Trojan was around 2013. It could send ransomware to compromised machines.

Trojan Horse Virus Protection

After learning about this virus, you must know about its prevention. It is necessary to know about its protection and prevention.

  • Always use powerful anti-virus software that will scan your device and warn you against any virus or malware.
  • Never download any attachment from an unknown source. It could be a trap for you. You should also scan your Email attachment.
  • Don’t download pirated movies or software from unreliable sites. Always use a trusted and reliable site to download any movies.
  • If your browser warns you for any site that it is not secured then pay your attention to that warning.
  • Always update your operating system software.
  • Always use a strong password to protect your device and software. You can make a password using unique numbers, alphabets, and characters.
  • You can also use firewalls to protect your computer.
  • Here, you can also back up your files regularly.
  • Do not click on any Windows pop-up from any software.

Conclusion: What Is Trojan Horse Virus?

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