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In this article, we’ll learn What Is Social Engineering Attack, its techniques, and prevention. The practice of a wide variety of harmful or malicious activities conducted via human interactions is known as Social Engineering. In social engineering methods, hackers use various tricks to confuse the users and make them doing security mistakes or trap them to provide their private information.

The attackers collect all the sensitive information of the users. In social engineering attack, the attackers take the benefits of user’s mistakes and use it to collect their personal information.

what is social engineering attack


We are writing this article only for the educational purpose. We don’t support any type of cybercrime or illegal activities. If you are involved in any cybercrime then we are not responsible for that. Stay safe and keep a distance from these activities.

Social Engineering Techniques

Most Common Form Of Social Engineering Used By Hackers

Social Engineering techniques can threaten your data and system in various forms. It is done via human interaction. After discussing What Is Social Engineering Attack, let’s discuss the various techniques of social engineering in detail.


Phishing is widely used types of social engineering. Mostly Phishing scams are done via E-mail or SMS. In phishing scams, the attackers attached some malicious code or malware in an E-mail and send that E-mail to the targeted people on the behave of a reliable organization such as backing or any other. Here, you can visit to explore the complete details of Phishing Scams and attacks.

Different types of Phishing attacks are used to steal the privacy of users. You can visit here to explore the complete information on Phishing Scams types and its prevention.

Spear Phishing

We hope, we have learned What Is Social Engineering Attack and Phishing. Let’s discuss its another technique that is Spear Phishing:

In spear phishing, the attacker doesn’t send the E-mail or text to the random people but it sends to the specific persons or individuals. The attackers send the malware containing E-mail to the targeted individuals regarding the job, interview, banking SMS, and ask the users to open the attachment or share some specific information.

Don’t confuse that Phishing and Spear Phishing is the same things. Both are different from each other. Here, you can visit to explore the difference between Phishing and Spear Phishing.


It is another type of social engineering in which the attackers make fake promises to the victim or present false offers to them. They do this to steal the personal information of the users or send any malware to the victim’s device. Baiting uses physical media. It is a very dangerous type or technique of social engineering.


We have discussed What Is Social Engineering Attack and now we are discussing its various techniques in which we have discussed the Phishing, spear phishing and baiting. Now, we are going to know Pretexting.

An intruder actually obtains details via a set of smartly constructed lies. The fraud is perpetrated by an offender who pretends to require a victim’s confidential details in order to conduct a vital function. Firstly, the hackers build trust in the victim’s eyes. With the help of this attack, The attacker collects the information of the users such as bank details, card details, addresses, and much more.

These were the most common form of social engineering used by hackers to steal the victim’s data.

What Is Social engineering Attack Prevention?

The complete social engineering attack prevention has been listed below:

  1. You should never open the E-mails or SMS attachments from suspicious or unknown sources. If you don’t know the sender then you should now answer it or open its attachments. Just ignore it and delete it from your system. If the SMS or E-mail claims to be an SMS from a reliable organization then call that organization and make sure that they have sent that SMS.
  2. You can use the multi-factor authentication to protect your account and keep it secure.
  3. Always use anti-virus and anti-malware software and do not forget to update it. A good anti-virus and anti-malware software will warn you if any malware would be found in your device.

Conclusion: What Is Social Engineering Attack

We hope, this article would be helpful to find complete information regarding What Is Social Engineering Attack, its techniques, and prevention. If you have any queries, you can ask in the comment section. If you want us to write on any specific topic then, you can ask in the comment section. We write articles on the user’s demands.

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