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In this article, we’ll discuss What Is Pretexting In Cyber Security and its prevention. Pretexting is a form of social engineering attack where the attackers create a good pretext that is used to steal the victim’s personal information.

what is pretexting in cyber security


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What Is Pretexting In Cyber Security?

Pretexting “is the formation of a fake story for gathering information or manipulating behavior.” Pretexting involves several conversations or back-and-forth, which more frequently affects financial or human resources staff.

In most cases, the attackers target the weakness of any individual or organization for data theft. In a Pretexting attack, the attackers try to gain the trust of the victim. These types of attacks can be done in various forms.

Pretexting Techniques

After discussing What Is Pretexting In Cyber Security, let’s discuss its prevention.

In this type of attack, the attackers just try pretends to need certain information to confirm the identification. The attackers may ask the security number, place of birth, date of birth, first school, or other information to the victims. Once the users share this information with the attackers they use it to perform various cyber attacks.

The pretext places the intruder into the position of someone in power who has the right to access the data being requested, or who may use the data to inform the offender.

The main aspect is that of building a scenario, which is the pretext that used is used to involve the offender. Apart from it, various methods are applied to attain the ultimate goals.

You can also say that Pretexting is a key part of vishing that means voice and phishing. If you want to explore more about phishing and their prevention then you can visit here.

Prevention of Pretexting Cyber Attack

After discussing What Is Pretexting In Cyber Security and its techniques, it is very necessary to know its prevention.

  • You must know about Pretexting and learn to find false Emails and SMS.
  • The corporation should conduct security awareness training programs.
  • Don’t share your personal information with anyone.
  • If you find any unauthorized access then mark it as a scam.
  • Don’t click on any unknown link or never share any information or an unauthorized site.

Wrap Up

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