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The common questions among all people nowadays are ‘What is Packet Sniffing?’ ‘What are its types?’ ‘What are some prevention methods from it?’. So, we have brought this article for you.

In this article, we will see What is Packet Sniffing in Network Security. We will also cover its types, uses, as well as Prevention to make you safe. Let’s get started to cover all these topics to make our users aware of it as soon as possible.

what is packet sniffing


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What is Packet Sniffing?

Actually, Packet Sniffing is an act or a process in which the packets of all data passing through the network of your system are captured. Packet Sniffing is mainly used by the attackers for stealing and collecting all the information from the network.

Apart from the hackers, it is also used for Network Security legally. We will now see who uses Packet Sniffing for Network Security legally.
It is used by your Internet Service Providers (ISPs), your Government, as well as advertisers.

Now, we will see why and what is collected by your ISPs, Government, and advertisers i.e. the use of Packet Sniffing by your ISPs and the Government.

Uses of Packet Sniffing by ISPs and Government

After covering What is Packet Sniffing, we will cover the use of Packet Sniffing by your ISPs, your Government, and the advertisers. It will help you in knowing what they collect from your network.

Mainly, details about your emails, your downloadable items, web surfing, streaming online, and other details are collected by your ISPs, Government, and advertisers.

Advertisers collect it to show your relevant ads while your ISPs and Government collect all packets of data from your network for seeing whether you are using the internet for the right purpose or not. The government keeps track of the sites you visit to ensure that you are not visiting any banned sites.

After seeing What is Packet Sniffing, we will see how it is done. It will help you in knowing this topic in detail.

How is Packet Sniffing performed?

Pocket Sniffing is performed with the help of special tools. These tools help in collecting all packets of data from the network of a computer easily. Tools that help in performing Packet Sniffing are known as Packet Sniffer.

You can use them in two ways, the first one is unfiltered and the second one is filtered. In the unfiltered way, all the packets of data are collected from the network. While it is not in the case of filtered Packet Sniffing. Only specific and targeted packets of data are collected in the filtered way.

One of the best Packet Sniffer is WireShark. Currently, WireShark is in the top list of Sniffing tools.

Till now, we have covered What is Packet Sniffing and how is it performed. Now, it is time to see different types of Packet Sniffers.

Types of Packet Sniffers

After seeing What is Packet Sniffing and how is it performed, we will see types of Packet Sniffers because there is more than one type of Packet Sniffer.

There are mainly two types of Packet Sniffers. The first one is Software Packet Sniffers while the second one is the Hardware Packet Sniffers.

  • Software Packet Sniffers – As the name suggests, Software Packet Sniffers are software that is used for this purpose. It needs some details of the network in order to collect all packets of data without any problem. One of the best examples in this category is WireShark.
  • Hardware Packet Sniffers – Hardware Packet Sniffers are some physical tools or devices that are attached to the network manually to collect all the packet of data. It ensures that there is no loss in collecting packets of data.

Prevention from Packet Sniffing

As we all know that this method is also used by hackers to collect information illegally. So, in order to become safe from this attack, you will have to follow the given tips. These tips will help you in becoming safe from this attack.

  • Always use a trusted Wi-Fi Network and avoid using public Wi-Fi.
  • Encrypt all your data before sending it or receiving it from anywhere.
  • Regularly scan your network for checking if there is any problem in your network or not.
  • Use a trusted Antivirus program to enhance your security.

Conclusion: What is Packet Sniffing?

In conclusion, we hope that you have got answer to the question What is Packet Sniffing. Now, you know the types, uses, as well as prevention from Packet Sniffing. If you still have any question in your mind, you can ask us in the comment section. We are here to help you in clearing all your doubts.

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