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In this article, we’ll help you to know What is Human Firewall. Human Firewall is the group of Cyber Security experts who are responsible to follow all Cyber Security strategies to prevent data breaches or any cyber attacks. All these experts are the employees who have to try to do their best to protect data and provide the best securities.

Mainly data breaches are done due to humans mistakes. One small mistake can help hackers to perform data breaches and other cyber attacks. A human firewall can be helpful to prevent data breaches and other cyber attacks.

what is human firewall


We are writing this article only for the educational purpose. We don’t support hacking and illegal activities. Stay safe and always keep a distance from cyber crimes and illegal scams.

Different Between Human Firewall and Security Champion

Don’t misunderstand that the human firewall and security champion are the same. Both are different from each other. Security Champion is more about education and awareness as well. The human firewall includes the Security Champions.

Important Elements For Human Firewall

After understanding What Is Human Firewall, it is time to know its important elements. We have mentioned some important elements that are required for the Human Firewall:

  • Make it easy
  • Give Incentives
  • Keep It Human
  • Monitor Vigilance

How To Build Human Firewall

We have discussed What Is Human Firewall now this is time to build a strong human firewall. A powerful human firewall requires some important components. We have discussed all the important components:

  • Baseline Testing: It is the process in which building a powerful firewall is started. It is started with the false phishing attack that will help the employees to know about this attack. It can help to find the best and worst. You can measure the capacity in Baseline Testing.

If you want to explore more about phishing attacks, its types, and prevention then you can visit here to know all about it.

  • Cybersecurity Training: In the training section, it is required to give excellent and useful content. It is compulsory to join training for all the employees.
  • Phishing Your Employees: You should conduct training with an examination. The employees would be tested on the false phishing attack to know their strengths and weakness.
  • Managing by Results: The management should manage the test and result. The management should analyze the results and repeat the actions.

Wrap up: What Is Human Firewall

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