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In this article, we will learn what is Cloud Computing with example and its types, advantages, and disadvantages. Cloud computing provides various services that include storage, networking, servers, database, software, intelligence, and much more. Cloud Computing is flexible, efficient, and economical to use.

what is cloud computing with example

What Is Cloud Computing With Example?

Cloud Computing is on-demand services that offers various services to its customers such as serves, storage, database, networking, software and others. It requires low maintenance, and flexible to use.

Examples Of Cloud Storage

  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Gmail
  • Facebook

Types Of Cloud Computing Services

After reading what is Cloud Computing with an example or what is meant by cloud computing, it is time to learn its types. There are different types and services in cloud computing. The complete types of cloud computing have been given below:

1. Public Cloud

A third-party cloud service producer provides the public cloud. It offers computing resources such as servers, storage, and much more. You can say it shared cloud. It is shared by various customers. In public cloud services, the owner of cloud service providers holds everything such as software and all other things. You can easily access all the services and manage everything via a web browser.

2. Private Cloud

In Private Cloud, the cloud services resource is owned by an individual business or any organization. Some organizations pay the cloud service providers for the private cloud.

3. Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud is the combination of public cloud and private cloud. It is bound using the technology and helps so that the data and applications can be shared between them. In this services, the data as well as applications can easily move between public and private clouds as well. It is a flexible cloud service.

Advantages Of Cloud Computing

After knowing What Is Cloud Computing With Example and its types, you might be thinking about the benefits of cloud computing. There are various advantages of using Cloud Computing, let’s discuss some of them:

  • Cost-Effective: If you’ll choose cloud computing then it’ll cost less in comparison to maintaining all hardware equipment. There is no need not purchase hardware and you can easily store large data safely.
  • Scalability: It provides efficiency to store and access a huge amount of data. It scales up and it is ideal for any business.
  • Data Security: It provides complete security of your data. Cloud computing uses various techniques for data security and use encryption.
  • Mobility: It provides mobility so that you can easily move data from one place to another. You can easily move data from your mobile to a laptop or any other device.
  • Disaster recovery: Even if your laptop or phone will be damaged, your data would be saved if you are using cloud computing. It offers a quick data recovery feature that will help you in various manner.
  • Control: You can easily get control of your sensitive data. You can manage and see everything that which type of user can access what data.

Disadvantage Of Cloud Computing

We have learned What Is Cloud Computing With Example, types, advantages. Now, you might be thinking about its disadvantage. Cloud computing has some disadvantages. We have written a special article on Cloud Computing Security Issue if you don’t know if you must read this article to know all about it.

  • Network Connection Dependency
  • Loss of Control
  • Limited Features
  • Technical Issues
  • Security

Conclusion: What Is Cloud Computing With Example

We hope, this article would be helpful to you to collect all information regarding cloud computing and learned What Is Cloud Computing With Example, types, benefits, drawbacks, and much more.

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