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If you are searching for What Is Baiting Attack in Cyber Security then you are right place. Here, we will tell you about the Baiting Attack and its prevention. Let’s start with its introduction:


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what is baiting attack

What Is Baiting Attack in Cyber Security?

Baiting Attack is a type of social engineering attack. The hackers present false offers and promise to deceive the victim. The attacker can offer a false software update or new software installation. They can present the malicious code to the victim in place of the software updates.

You can also say that Baiting is a real-world Trojan Horse. It uses interactive media that depends on the victim’s interest. It is similar to a phishing attack. The hacker offers a great deal or gift to the victims and the users’ greed makes them a victim of baiting attack.

This attack is mainly done through physical media and sources. For example, someone provides you a free copy of any game or movie drive. When you will connect that disk or drive to your computer system, your data will be compromised. Baiting attackers may provide you free movies, songs, games, and much more by taking their login credentials. With the help of these credentials, they can easily make you a victim of Cyber Crimes.

That was answer to What is Baiting Attack. Let’s explore its prevention.

Baiting Attack Prevention

After learning What Is Baiting Attack in Cyber Security, it is a must to know its prevention. We have discussed the important points that you must keep in mind. These things will help you to protect yourself from Baiting Attack.

  • Never respond to unknown Emails. Before responding to any Email, you must verify the mail.
  • Use an Email protection plan in anti-virus. It will help you to protect the malware containing mail.
  • Never open SMS from the suspicious source. The false offers in the SMS may contain the malware contained site’s link. When you will click there, you will be redirected at a malware containing site.
  • In order to protect your account, you should also use multi-factor authentication.
  • Always use a reliable anti-virus and anti-malware software for security purposes. It will help you to keep secure from the virus and malware.
  • Enable the firewall in your device to prevent unauthorized access.

Wrap Up – What is Baiting Attack

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