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The common question among all people nowadays is ‘What can Malicious Code Do’. So, we have covered this topic in this article.

Along with What can Malicious Code does, we will see what is malicious code. It will help you in knowing this topic in detail. So, let’s start exploring these topics without any delay.

what can malicious code do

What is Malicious Code?

Malicious Code is the unwanted programs that can steal your data or harm your computer. Malicious Code can steal your private data and use it for illegal purposes. It can steal your account or card details and steal money from your account. It can also steal your PII or damage your system.

What Can Malicious Code Do?

There are different types of malicious code. Its various types are Virus, Worm, Malicious data files, and Trojan Horse.

  • Virus: Virus is a harmful program that damages your important files or corrupts your software and system. It can be installed in your device by infected pen drive, infected Email, or files.
  • Worm: It is a very harmful program, it self-propagates from one system to another.
  • Malicious data files: They are non-executable files on your system. The attackers use these files to install malware on the victim’s devices.
  • Trojan Horses: Trojan Horses are the hidden virus that can cause damage to your system. Mostly, Trojan Horses installed in your system with free software or pirated movies.

Protect your system from Malicious Code

We have learned What Can Malicious Code Do, now we have to know how to protect system from malicious code:

  • Use a reliable anti-virus and also update it.
  • Never open any attachments or files from an unknown source.
  • You can use an account with limited permissions.
  • You can also disable the external media auto-run or auto-play features. It will help to stop running the infected files or programs on your device.
  • Always use a strong password for financial apps. You can create passwords with the combinations of alphabets, numbers, and symbols.
  • Always keep updating your software.
  • Enable your firewall so that it can prevent unauthorized access to your device.
  • Apart from anti-virus software, you should also use anti-spyware tools.
  • You can also monitor accounts and look for unauthorized access.
  • Don’t use public Wi-Fi. It can be a trap and get your account access to transfer money from your account. Man In The Middle Attack is done by public Wi-Fi.

Recover from Malicious Code

You can use anti-virus software to prevent your computer from harmful malicious code. If you have any doubt that your device is infected then run anti-virus on your system. You can also perform a manual scan of your system. If your computer would have a virus then ant-virus will detect it. It will minimize the damage and remove the malicious code from your device.

Conclusion: What can Malicious Code do

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