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US orders China To close consulate in Houston by Friday. According to a source, Beijing was discussing closing down the US embassy in Wuhan. The US has given 72 hours to China to close its consulate.

The US Justice Department ordered an investigation on Tuesday accusing two Chinese hackers with attacking American corona virusHIKE research organizations. Mike Pompeo (U.S. Secretary of the State) said that the Chinese Communist Party was really a “danger to democracy globally” throughout a trip to Denmark on Wednesday. The theft of China’s IP had cost thousands of jobs in all over Europe as well as America.

US Orders China To Close Consulate Due To Chinese Hackers

According to a spokesperson “for several years, China was busy in widespread illicit espionage including manipulating activities targeting Government and administered and American civilians in the US”.

Why US Orders China To Close Consulate?

Therefore the two defendants downloaded certification-stealing code to acquire additional entry and utilized web portals to run malware, and move information in the form of compact RAR files, not before modifying their endings to “.JPG” to obscure the phase of data leakage in the context of harmless photos.

The progress is even more important because it arrives just reports since both the FBI and Homeland Security informed that China was explicitly attempting to steal information from groups working on COVID research and growing strains over issues of national security between the US as well as China. That’s why US Orders China To Close Consulate.

Mr. Pompeo said that China was stealing “not only American intellectual property, but also European proprietary information, which caused various jobs.” He further said that they established specific standards regarding how the Chinese government would act. It is necessary to take certain actions to protect US citizens.

How Many Consulates China Has In US

China has one embassy in Washington D.C as well as 5 consulates-general in various cities of the US. The 5 consulates-general are in Houston, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and San Francisco. After that incident, US Orders China To Close Consulate.

Beijing also claimed that the US had frequently released its political packs in recent months, that is being used to privately transfer products among outside missions and home nation without postal audits.

China Reaction on US Orders China To Close Consulate

Hua Chunying (foreign ministry spokeswoman) defined that the US explanations for the Consulate ‘s closure as “extremely ridiculous”.

Conclusion: US Orders China To Close Consulate

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