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Cyber Security is very essential in this Cyber World. No one is safe here if they are not cautious and alert. Stay alerted and be safe from Cyber Threats. It is very important for everyone to know about Cyber Security as well as its type.

In this article, we will explore different types of Cyber Security. But first, we will know about Cyber Security in brief.

Types of cyber security

What is Cyber Security? | Types of Cyber Security

Cyber Security is the practice or process of defending the servers, computers, networks, mobiles, any electronic device, or confidential data from the hackersattacks. We use this for information or data security. Cyber Security also deals with protecting the server, network, system, and devices from dangerous cyber attacks.

Without Cyber Security, no one can imagine a World safe from threats.

Now, we will also explore different types of Cyber Security.

Different types of Cyber Security

Here, we will discuss the five main types of Cyber Security. You might know some of them. But, we will explain it to you in simple words.

1. Network Cybersecurity

As we all know that Cybersecurity is related to outside threats. These outside threats come through networks. In order to prevent these threats, we use Network Security.

Network Security secures the internal network. They also protect the internal infrastructure and prohibit unauthorized access to the network.

Nowadays, you have to log in to your banking as well as in other accounts multiple times. These extra logins increase network security. Banks, as well as different sites, often recommend you to change your password periodically. These things ensure Network Security. It is one of the best types of Cyber Security.

2. Critical Infrastructure Security

As the name suggests, it deals with all the cyber-physical systems and ensures their safety. This also includes the security of Critical Infrastructure.

Different Critical Infrastructure includes Hospitals, Traffic Signals, Railways, Metros, Electricity Grids.

Critical Infrastructure is responsible for the safety of these Critical Infrastructures. Hence, they prevent attacks on these systems. It is one of the top types of Cyber Security.

3. IoT (Internet of Things) Security

Our life is now depended on technologies. Without technology, we cannot survive. One of the most useful technology is IoT. It makes our life super easy as we can do everything using commands. From turning off the lights to closing the gates, Iot is playing an important role.

Types of Cyber Security: IoT

But, there is also a lot of threats in IoT. Hackers can break into your daily life by hacking your IoT. Your life will become a hell when hackers will keep an eye on you.

IoT Security prevents those hackers from breaking into your devices. It also makes your life secure and threat free.

4. Application Security

Application Security is one of the most important types of Cybersecurity. It includes usage of both hardware and software methods to ensure security.

Types of Cyber Security: Application

It blocks unauthorised access into the application. This includes different types of Antivirus as well as Firewall programs. We must use these programs to ensure security of our system.

We use applications over the network. But, there is a risk threat to the network. In order to protect precious data, use Antivirus Software.

5. Cloud Security

All of us know about Cloud Computing. Many of us use Cloud Computing in order to store our precious data. A lot of Companies offer Cloud Storage with security. For example, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.

types of cyber security: Cloud

But, have you ever thought of the security of your data? Probably, your answer should be YES. Now, it is time to know about Cloud Security.

Cloud Security is a security tool that monitors and protects your data stored on the cloud. They prevent unauthorized access to your files. It blocks hackers from breaking into your Cloud Storage and make your data safe.

Types of Cyber Security: Conclusion

We wish the safety of our readers on the internet. In order to become safe, be careful, and cautious. Save yourself and your data in this Cyber World.

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