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If you want to perform stress testing on your system, then you need some best stress testing tools free in order to complete your work. In this article, we will tell you top stress testing tools in Kali Linux. Do not forget to Subscribe to our Newsletter in order to get the latest tech updates.

Before we start our topic, we will know about Stress testing tools in brief.

Stress Testing Tools in Kali Linux

What are Stress Testing Tools Free?

Stress Testing Tools Free is mainly for testing our system’s stability for free. We create more traffic on our system than its capacity. This also helps us in knowing about our system’s strength and stability.

Now we will see the list of top stress testing tool.

Best Stress Testing Tools Free

We have created a list of top stress testing tools free for you. This list will help you in understanding these tools in detail. So, stay tuned with us.

1. Termineter

Termineter is the top stress testing tool available for Kali Linux. This framework is written in Python. Spencer J. McIntyre is the author of this excellent tool.

stress testing tools: Termineter

This tool helps us in the security testing of smart meters. Termineter uses C12.18 as well as C12.19 protocol for communication.

2. DHCPig

DHCPig is one of the best stress testing tools for free. It helps us in initiating an advance DHCP exhaustion attack. This tool is developed by kamorin.

Top Stress testing tool in Kali Linux: DHCPig

This tool also grabs the neighbor’s IPs before they grab it. It can also knock all the Windows systems offline. You can download and use this tool without any problem. It is very simple.


Every Ethical Hackers know THC-IPV6. This is one of the best tools in Kali Linux. This tool helps us in attacking the inherent protocol weakness of IPV6 as well as ICMP6.

best stress testing tool

It is also an easy tool to operate. It has a packet factory library, which is very handy to operate. The Hacker’s Choice is the author of this wonderful tool. You can operate this tool without any problem after installing it.

4. mdk3

mdk3 is a proof-of-concept tool. We use this tool for exploiting the common IEEE 802.11 protocol weakness.

Best Kali Linux Stress Testing Tool: mdk3

Do not forget to take permission from the network author before using this tool against their network. This tool is designed and maintained by ASPj of k2wrlz. It is very simple to download this tool.

5. Reaver

Another best tool in our list. Reaver is developed and maintained byTactical Network Solutions and Craig Heffner.


This tool implements a brute force attack against WPS PINs to recover WPA/WPA2 passphrase. It is also designed for becoming robust and attacking against WPS. It is very easy to download and use this wonderful tool. You should also try this tool.

Stress Testing Tools Free: Conclusion

In conclusion, we hope that you are safe on the internet. Safety over the internet is essential. You can also visit this category regarding Cyber Security.

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