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A lot of Cyber Attacks has been taking place nowadays. Many attackers are using SQL Injection Attack for this purpose. It is very necessary to learn the prevention from this Cyber Attack.

In this article, we will discuss this topic along with SQL Injection Attack Prevention. Let’s start this article without any delay.

SQL Injection Attack

Introduction to SQL Injection Attack

SQL Injection is popular Cyber Attack through which attackers get the access to all data from the database of its target. They can access any information stored on the database such as log in details (including username and password), saved credit and debit card details of users, and many other sensitive and confidential data through SQL Injection.

They search for vulnerabilities in your web server. Once they find a web vulnerability, they access your database using that vulnerability.

How they perform SQL Injection Attack?

In your website, users can log in using their credentials (username and password). When a user enters its credential to log in, your website will perform an SQL Query to find whether your username and password are correct or not. But attackers do not need a password. They add SQL Comment Sequence — and remove the password verification. Due to this, your website will only verify the username. Attackers get access to the user’s account without a password.

Attackers use the SQL Comment Sequence — to get all the data from the database of its target. They add this comment sequence and get all the information from your database. They also use other malicious codes in the SQL statements to change the result of the SQL Query.

Now, it is time to see the SQL Injection Attack Prevention. It is very necessary to make your system and network safe from attackers.

SQL Injection Attack Prevention

In order to prevent SQL Injection Attacks on your network and database, make sure that you are only allowing specific characters in the required field. For example, only allow numeric digits in the Mobile No. or PIN option. Block other symbols in order to stop attackers from adding malicious codes.

You should not use User Base Query. It is very vulnerable to Cyber Attacks. We have already seen how attackers get access to User’s account using the User Base Query.

We will recommend you to use a Web Application Firewall to block all the malicious data. The firewall will block every unknown and malicious code added by the attackers. All the efforts of the attacker will go in vain due to firewalls as it will block all the malicious codes and comments from them.

Always apply patches as well as updates on a regular basis to reduce the vulnerabilities from your network and site. When there will be fewer vulnerabilities, there will automatically be fewer attacks. So, always search for vulnerabilities in your network and fix them.

You should choose a better database security software service for reducing the chance of this attack. These types of software check for malicious codes present in your query. They remove all such codes to ensure the safety of the users.

Conclusion: SQL Injection Attack Prevention

In conclusion, we wish for the safety for our users. We will suggest our readers to stay away from such illegal works. If you will misuse these information, Ethical Hacking Tool will not be responsible for your acts.

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