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Learning Vim Command in Linux will be fun if you will learn it using PacVim. PacVim is a Command-line game for learning Vim Commands.

In this article, we will teach you how to install and play this informative and interesting game. Let’s begin this article without wasting time.

vim command in linux

What is Vim Command in Linux?

Vim is a text editor for Linux systems. It is a highly configurable text editor. You can use this text editor for editing or creating a text file of any type.

There are many features in this amazing tool. You can use its powerful search and replace tool for replacing any text from your file without any problem.

You can also install PacVim in Mac without any problem. But, we have covered its installation and usage in Linux in this article.

Now, we will see how to install PacVim in your Linux System. Follow every steps carefully to install it successfully.

PacVim Installation Process

In this section, we will see the installation process of PacVim in Kali Linux. You can install the PacVim command in Linux without any problem. We have chosen Kali Linux because we use this operating system. We will not recommend you to use Kali Linux for daily usage. Choose Ubuntu, Linux Mint, or any other Linux Distribution for daily usage.

PacVim Command in Linux

First of all, make sure that you have installed Ncurses library and development tool. If you have not installed it, follow the given step. You can skip this step if you have installed Ncurses already.

sudo apt install libncurses5-dev libncursesw5-dev

Now, we will download the source files of the PacVim command in Linux. We will have to clone its repository for our installation process.

cd ~/Downloads
git clone
cd PacVim
sudo make install

We have selected to download the source files in the Downloads folder. You can download it in any other folder by replacing Downloads with your location in the above command.

Running these commands will install PacVim in your Linux system easily. If you have any problem, repeat these steps again carefully.

Now, we will see how to use the PacVim in your System. You can use this easily using the given commands.

How to use PacVim in Linux?

Now, we will see how to use PacVim in your system. These instructions will help you in using this tool easily.

In order to run PacVim with default settings (level 0 and difficulty hard), follow the given command.


This code will run PacVim Command in Linux with default settings. If you want to run this game with customized settings, follow the given settings.

pacvim 1
pacvim n
pacvim 1 n

The first command will start this game in the first level. The second command will make this game run in normal mode. You can choose your difficulty mode between normal and hard. Use n for normal and h for hard.

The third command will run you game in first level with normal difficulty. You can select level and difficulty according to your requirement.

Vim Command in Linux

For controlling this game, follow the given commands.

h (this will move the cursor left)
i (use it for moving cursor right)
k (move your cursor up)
j (it will move your cursor down)

These PacVim Command in Linux will help you in running the game easily.

Conclusion: Vim Command in Linux

In conclusion, we hope that you have installed PacVim and using it for learning Vim Commands without any problem. We have installed it in Kali Linux, but will not recommend our users to do so if you are not familiar with Kali Linux.

Drop a comment below to share your opinion on this game. Also, share it in your Vim Command circle to make their learning easy.

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