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In this article, you will learn about Kali Linux. You will also see its advantages, disadvantages, benefits, and much more in this article. Read this article completely in order to get the proper knowledge on this topic.

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learn about Kali Linux

Learn About Kali Linux: Kali Linux was developed to replace the BackTrack Linux Project. It is a Debian-based Linux distribution. Offensive Security has developed this secure and open-source OS. It is an information security training company. It was released on 13th March 2013. There is a custom-built kernel in Kali Linux which is patched for the injection. Here, you will learn different things about Kali Linux.

BackTrack Linux: It was a Linux distribution and it was popular for security purpose. The users used to use this OS in different field such as penetration testing and digital forensics.

Learn About Kali Linux
Learn About Kali Linux

Benefits Of Kali Linux | Learn About Kali Linux

We will see the different benefits of Kali Linux. Learn about Kali Linux with us in simple and easy words.

  • It is one of the Best Operating Systems for hacking purposes.
  • There are around 600 penetration testing tools in Kali Linux.
  • It is available for free, you need not pay any charge for this operating system.
  • It has an open-source git feature. There are different advantages of open source software and operating system.
  • The developers developed this OS in a secured environment. It has multiple secure protocols.
  • Here, you can also find repositories, as well as the GPG, signed packages.
  • It allows the users to easily locate binaries, libraries as well as support files.
  • If you want to use this operating system then you can easily go for Kali Linux download.
  • This OS also replaced the BackTrack.
  • It is a little bit complicated to operate this operating system. If you want to use this OS then you need not learn How to Kali Linux.
  • It also supports ARMEL and ARMHF.
  • You can easily customize everything in Kali Linux.
  • It also supports different wireless devices.
  • It also supports multiple languages. You can easily use it in your native language.
  • Cyber Security experts also use this OS. If you want to learn about Cyber Security then you can visit here.

Disadvantages Of Kali Linux

This operating system is not easy for the beginners. It is penetration oriented operating system. Before operating this OS, you should learn to use it.

Learn About Kali Linux

Why Is Kali Linux Named Kali: Many people think think about the names of this software. Some people guess it is on the name of Hindu Goddess “Kali” who is Goddess of time and change while some think it is on the name of Philippine martial art. The answer is “Kali” is just the name for that new distribution.

Why is the name Backtrack changed to Kali Linux?

As per the official page of Kali Linux, Kali is just a random name. There is not any reason for the name Kali. They was also looking for some new name for change and suddenly they came up with the name “Kali”. It’s a just random name.

Backtrack was based on Ubuntu whereas Kali is based on Debian. You can explore a lot of new features in Kali Linux.

Conclusion: Learn About Kali Linux

Kali Linux is an open-source and secure operating system. The hackers usually use this OS for hacking purposes. Ethical hackers as well as black head hackers use this OS. We only support White Head Hacking and also we are only sharing all this information for educational purposes.

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