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Kali Linux Download and Installation: Kali Linux is a Debian based Operating System. This operating system is used by cybersecurity experts and professionals. They use it for penetration testing as well as for security.

In this article, we will talk about Kali Linux download as well as its installation. So, stay tuned with us and install Kali Linux in your system without any hassle.

We will teach you to single boot as well as dual boot in this single article. So, without wasting any time, let us start with this article.

Kali LInux Download and Installation

Kali Linux download ISO image file

Kali Linux Download is our first step. The first step is to download the Kali Linux ISO image file from the Kali Linux official site. The link is given below.

Download Kali Linux Installer 32-bit or 64- bit according to your system.

After downloading this ISO image file, we will have to make bootable pen drive.

Making Bootable Pen Drive | Kali Linux Download

Our next step in Kali Linux download is making bootable USB drive. If you are using windows operating system, then you can make bootable pen drive using third party software. Some of them are Rufus, Balena Etcher (Recommended by Kali Linux), etc.

  • Download link of both rufus and balena etcher are given below.

We will make bootable Pen Drive using rufus.

  • Insert your Pen Drive (Size>4GB).
  • Open Rufus.
  • Select you Pen Drive in Device
  • Choose your ISO image file by clicking SELECT.
  • Click on START to begin the process.
  • Choose to write image in ISO mode, if bootable pen drive does not work then you can choose DD mode.
  • Your pen drive will be formatted. After that, Click on OK to continue.

Wait for sometime, your bootable pen drive will be ready. remove it and now move to next step.

If you want to dual boot your system, only then follow the next step. Otherwise, skip the next step in case of Single boot.

Creating Partition for Kali Linux Installation (This step is for Dual Boot)

To create a partition for your Kali Linux, you have to go to Disk Management.

  • Right click on This PC. After that, select Manage.

A new window will open.

  • Click on Disk Management present in left side.
  • Right click on that drive which has sufficient storage to Shrink.
  • Select Shrink Volume.
  • Type your desired Storage for Kali Linux installation in ‘Enter the amount of space to shrink in MB’. We recommend 32 GB.
  • Click on Shrink.

You will see a new unallocated storage. Leave it.

After that, we will move to next step to change some settings in BIOS.

Changing settings in BIOS

The next step in Kali Linux download is to change some settings in BIOS. To enter in BIOS mode, you will have to hit specified key provided by your system i.e. esc, delete, etc during startup.

After entering in Startup menu, you will see a list like this.

  • Enter into BIOS setup by pressing specified key (F10 in my case).
  • Go to System Configuration.
Kali Linux Download
  • Turn off Secure Boot.
  • Enable Legacy support if you are having MBR disk scheme. Do not turn on Legacy support if you are having GPT disk scheme.
  • Change your boot order to USB Drive>OS boot manager.
  • Save your settings and exit BIOS setup by pressing F10 or by the specified key.

Now, it is time to install Kali Linux.

Kali Linux Download & Installation

  • Insert your bootable Pen Drive in you system.
  • After that, Power On your system.

Kali Linux Installation menu will load because USB drive is in the top in Boot Order.

Kali Linux Download
  • After that, select Graphical Install as this mode is recommended for new users.
  • Select your language.
Kali Linux Download
  • Choose your location.
Kali Linux Download
  • Configure your keyboard layout to use in Kali Linux.
Kali Linux Download

Additional component will start loading in your system.

Kali Linux Download
  • After that, Configure your network.
Kali Linux Download
  • Now, we will set up username and password for your Kali Linux system.

After that, we will choose partition to install our system.

  • Choose Guided – use entire disk in case of single boot.
Kali Linux Download
  • Choose Guided – use the largest continuous free space in case of dual boot.
Kali Linux Download
  • Select your whole Disk in case of single boot. But in case of dual boot, Choose your unallocated partition created by you.
Kali Linux Download
  • After that, choose all files in one partition as it is recommended for new users.
Kali Linux Download
  • Now, Finish partitioning and write changes to disk.
Kali Linux Download
  • Select Yes in next step.

Your base system will be installing.

  • Select all the software you want to install in the next step.
Kali Linux Download

If you are single booting your system, GRUB will not detect any other Operating system.

If you are dual booting your system, GRUB will detect your system.

  • Now, install GRUB to master boot record.
Kali Linux Download
  • After that, Select you device where you have to install your GRUB.
Kali Linux Download

Finally, your installation is completed. Remove your pen drive and click on Continue.

Kali Linux Download

Hurrah! You have successfully installed Kali Linux in your system. Your Kali Linux Download and Installation is completed.

  • Now, choose Kali Linux in the GRUB boot loader and enter your username and password to enter into Kali Linux Operating system.
Kali Linux Download

Similarly, you can choose Windows 10 in the GRUB boot loader to continue to Windows in case of dual boot. Kali Linux Download is completed. Now use it.

Conclusion: Kali Linux Download

In conclusion, we will let you know that this may be risky and you may end up with damaged system in case you do not know anything about Disk Management and Kali Linux.

Do it at your own risk. Ethical Hacking Tool is not responsible if you end us with a damaged system.

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