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How to limit data usage on Windows 10: In the series of Articles on User demand, we have brought another useful trick to save your precious data. If you have a limited data plan, then you must be worried about data usage on your Windows 10 PC. You will learn how to limit data usage on Windows 10 in this article.

You might have seen a lot of lengthy and time taken videos and tutorials to limit data usage, but they end up disabling Windows 10 updates and force stopping Microsoft store. But this not the case with us. Our tutorial is concise and very easy. You will even get Windows 10 Updates. Our tutorial will not force stop Microsoft Store. You will be able to use both Windows 10 update and Microsoft Store after our tutorial. So, let us continue with the trick.

We have chosen Windows 10 for this tutorial because this operating system is very popular in the world with over 1 billion active users.

how to limit data usage on windows 10

Why limit data usage on your PC?

We all know how costly data is. If you are having a limited data pack, then you will have to use data cautiously. Using extra data will increase your bill. If you connect your limited data plan to your Windows 10 PC, Windows will start consuming your data. You will be left with no data in your hand. You will think where all of your data go. It will be costly to again recharge your pack. So, it is necessary to limit data usage on Windows 10 PC. Stay with us to know the easiest process to limit data usage.

Now, you will learn how to limit data usage on Windows 10. It is a very easy process.

Limiting Data usage in Windows 10

Now, we will learn to limit data usage on your Personal Computer. You will have to apply the settings for every Wi-Fi connection. This setting is only for making your connection as a Metered connection. Let us begin the article “How to limit data usage on Windows 10”.

  • First of all, connect the Wi-Fi network in which you want to limit data usage.
  • Now, click on Properties.
wifi connection

After that, you will see a new window opened.

  • Scroll down and find Metered Connection.
how to limit data usage on windows 10
  • Finally, enable Metered Connection.

Hurrah! Now, your data usage will be limited.

Now, your Windows 10 PC knows that this Wi-Fi has limited data plan and will not waste data in background.

You will be able to download Windows 10 Updates only when you will click to Get Updates.

Similarly, you can update your Apps manually through Microsoft Store.

Finally, you have learned how to limit data usage on Windows 10.

Note: This trick will only make your current Wi-Fi as a metered connection. You will have to use the same trick to make every connection as a metered connection.

How to Limit Data Usage on Windows 10: Conclusion

We hope that your data usage on your PC is now limited. If you found our tutorial useful, share it in your circle to save your friend’s data. Do not forget to drop a comment below about your experience. Also, subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest updates about Ethical Hacking, Kali Linux, Cyber Security, and other tech news.

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