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The common question of many Kali users in 2021 is How to create Root user in Kali Linux. The reason for arising this question is that you are no longer getting default Root users in Kali Linux from version 2020.1 and onwards. Users are getting non-root users by default.

In this article, we will see the complete process on How to create Root user in Kali Linux. It will help you in learning how to become root user in Kali Linux. So, let’s start seeing this tutorial without any delay.

how t ocreate root user in kali linux

How to create Root User in Kali Linux

As we all are getting a non-root user in Kali Linux 2020.1 and onward version, some users want to know the process of creating a root user. Becoming a root user provides you a lot of privileges in operating Kali Linux. So, we will see the tutorial to create a root user in Kali Linux easily.

The process of creating a root user in Kali Linux is very simple. You can create a new Root user within one minute. Just follow the given steps carefully. Do not miss even a single step.

Step 1: Opening Terminal

The first step is to open the terminal in the Kali Linux. It is necessary because we will have to type the commands here for creating a root user.

Step 2: Getting Root Privilege in Terminal

Now, we will get Root user privilege in the terminal. Without this, you cannot create a root user. For getting root privilege in the terminal, type the given command in the terminal and hit the enter button.

sudo su

Step 3: Entering your Non-Root user password

Now, the terminal will prompt you to enter your current Non-Root user password. This step is needed for getting root privilege.

After entering your password, hit the enter button. Now, you have got the Root privilege in the terminal.

Step 4: Creating Root User

Now, we will create the Root user. For creating a Root user, you will have to type the given command and hit the enter button. This step is necessary for learning How to Create Root User in Kali Linux.

passwd root

Step 5: Setting Password for Root user

Now, you will have to set a password for the Root user. You will have to type the password twice. First time to enter a new password and Second time in retype the new password.

After setting the password for the new Root user. Close the terminal. Now, you can log out from the Non-Root user and log in to the Root user account.

Your username will be root and the password will be that you set in the fifth step.

This was the complete guide on How to create Root user in Kali Linux. Hope it helped you in creating a new Root user.

Conclusion: How to create Root User in Kali Linux

In conclusion, we hope that you have got the complete tutorial on How to create Root user in Kali Linux. If you are needing this tutorial, it means that you are a beginner and you should not use Kali Linux without having the proper knowledge. This Operating System is only for Professionals. So, avoid using it if you are not a professional.

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