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Find with IP Address: It will be nice to discover all websites at a single place using the IP Address. Bing has this feature by default but it is not that handy and smooth. For better discovery and results, we will use a tool. The name of the tool is Bing-IP2Hosts.

In this article, we will learn the installation process, using tutorial, and features of this cool tool. Let’s start this article without any delay.

find with IP address

Find with IP Address: What is Bing-IP2Hosts?

Bing-IP2Hosts is a web scrapper. You can use this tool for discovering websites on Bing using IP addresses. It is a very handy tool. You can use this tool on Linux, macOS, and other platforms.

Although you can discover websites using IP addresses directly on Bing, it is not that handy and easy to use. So, there is a need for a web scrapper to find with IP Address. Bing-IP2Hosts is the best scrapper available in the market.

Let’s see the installation process of this tool. After that, we will also see the using tutorial of this tool.

Installing Bing-IP2Hosts | Find with IP Address

First of all, download Bing-IP2Hosts from this link. After that, we will start our installation process.

This tool will run on your system only when your system has wget installed. If you are a Ubuntu or Kali Linux user, then you will get wget pre-installed. As being a macOS user, you will have to download wget using homebrew. We will maintain both ways to download it in macOS and even in Debian based Linux.

find with ip address

1. Installing on macOS

First of all, install wget on your macOS using homebrew.

homebrew install wget

After that, download the Bing-IP2Hosts through above given link.

Now, copy the downloaded bing-ip2hosts file in a folder of your $PATH.

sudo cp ./bing-ip2hosts /usr/local/bin/

This will install this tool on your macOS. Now we will see the installtion process of this tool in Debian and Ubuntu Linux.

2. Installing in Debian or Ubuntu Linux

If your Operating system has pre-installed wget, you can skip the first spet. Otherwise, start the process from the first step.

Install wget using apt command.

sudo apt install wget

After that, we will install Bing-IP2Hosts.

Download this tool from the above given link.

Open the downloaded folder and copy bing-ip2hosts file to a folder in your $PATH.

sudo cp ./bing-ip2hosts /usr/local/bin/

You have successfully installed this tool on your Linux system. Now you can discover websites and find with IP Address.

Using this tool to discover websites and find with IP Address

We have maintained some commands to use this too. You can use these following commands to discover websites.

Type this command: ./bing-ip2hosts [OPTIONS] IP|hostname

-o FILE	Output hostnames to FILE.
-i FILE	Input list of IP addresses or hostnames from FILE.
-n NUM	Stop after NUM scraped pages return no new results (Default: 5).
-l	Select the language for use in the setlang parameter (Default: en-us).
-m	Select the market for use in the setmkt parameter (Default is unset).
-u	Only display hostnames. The default is to include URL prefixes.
-c	CSV output. Outputs the IP and hostname on each line, separated by a comma.
-q	Quiet. Disable output except for final results.
-t DIR	Use this directory instead of /tmp.
-V	Display the version number of bing-ip2hosts and exit.
find with ip address

This commands will help you in running this tool.

Conclusion: Find with IP Address

In conclusion, we hope htat you have successfully discovered websites using IP Address. If you have any problem, feel free to contact us. Drop a comment below to share your problem.

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