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Evil Twin Attack is a type of cyber attack in which the hackers offer free WiFi with malicious code to the users and access the user’s entire information. Most of people love to connect with free WiFi but it can be dangerous.

Evil Twin Attack can be done in the form of Man in the middle attack. The hackers practice this attack mainly to steal the victim’s sensitive information such as banking details, credit card details, debit card details, and much more.

evil twin attack

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We are writing this article only for the educational purpose. We at Ethical Hacking Tool don’t support hacking and cyber attack. If you’d be involved in any cyber attacks then we are not responsible for that. Stay safe and keep a distance from these illegal activities.

Many attacker also use Evil Twin Attack in the phishing scams. When the victim connect the free malware containing WiFi, then the user can also be diverted to the phishing sites. You may receive any pop-up for asking your personal details such as name, address, account details or anything else. You’d be fall prey to this attack and you won’t even know it.

The real-time example of an evil twin attack could be Captive Portals. You might have seen that much public wifi asks for your login details. It could be a trap to provide your information to them. Once you will provide your information the hacker can use it to log in the network and control your entire actions. Evil Twin Attack Android, Kali Linux, Windows: The user of free WiFi can also be android users or Windows users.

Evil Twin Attack Working

Now, this is time to learn how this cyber attack works to steal the victim’s data.

  • First of all, the hacker sets a free WiFi network containing malicious code. Mostly, the attackers target a public place such as a coffee shop, restaurant, or public park where the attacker can get various people.
  • In the next step, the attacker creates the fake Captive Portal.
  • Once the users connect to the free WiFi the attacker targets the victim and steals its login data.

Evil Twin Attack Prevention or Protection

You can follow the given guidelines to protect yourself from this cyber attack. We have provided complete prevention from this cyberattack:

  • Never log in to a free unknown WiFi account, remember it could be a trap.
  • You must use 2-factor-authentication for all your sensitive app.
  • It is very necessary to learn cybersecurity prevention and also educate yourself about phishing scams, sniffing, and other attacks to prevent yourself.
  • You can use the VPN while connecting the public network.
  • Never autosave any WiFi on your device.
  • You should avoid connecting an unsecured WiFi.
  • You should always visit https websites. Https stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol Secured that offers end-to-end encryption.

Conclusion: Evil Twin Attack

We hope, this article would be helpful to you to collect all information regarding this cyberattack. If you have any queries regarding this then you can ask us in the comment section. We write articles on the user’s demands. If you want us to write on any specific topic then you can ask us to write on that topic. We’d like to write on that topic.

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