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Cyber Crimes in India: India is a developing country. If a country is developing, it needs technologies for its development. People are also using Internet and Mobile Banking. People are becoming digital in India. Thanks to the Digital India campaign. But they are not aware of any risk threats associated with it. Are they safe in this Digital World?

In this article, we will make you aware of different Cyber Crimes in India. How are Cyber Criminals targeting Rural and even Urban People? Why are people losing their money in Online Fraud? We also have discussed different types of Cyber Crimes in India. Stay tuned with us and become safe from Cyber threats and crimes.

Cyber Crimes in India

What are Cyber Crimes in India?

Cyber Crime in India is also known as Computer-oriented Crime. Hence, this crime involves a network and a computer. The network or computer may be used for the crime or it may be the target.

This includes hacking, unauthorized mass-surveillance, copyright infringement, piracy, child pornography, online transaction fraud, credit card fraud, as well as many others.

Different types of Cyber Crimes in India

Cyber Crimes in India are distributed into different categories. These categories are as follow:

1. Cyber Crime against individual

2. Cyber Crime against society

3. Anti-government Cyber Crime

4. Cyber Crime against property

1. Cyber Crime against individual

In this type of cybercrime, the victim is an individual. Cyber Criminals attack individuals using electronic gadgets and mediums. This is also divided into various categories. But we will talk of only major crimes:

Cyber Crimes in India: Individual

I. Online Fraud

In this type of Cyber Crime in India, attackers steal confidential information of a victim using phishing sites. They send you emails, SMS as well as do a phone call to trap you in the scam of a lottery, debit/credit card renewal, etc. They also ask for OTP to renew your Aadhar card or other documentation.

So, stay alert from these fraud calls and SMS and become safe. Also, never share your OTP or any confidential details with anyone.

II. Cyber Crime Hacking

In Cyber Crime Hacking, attackers get unauthorized access to the victim’s system. They also misuse the victim’s data for their own profit. They might ask for money in the form of Bitcoins in order to leave your system.

Do not click on any unknown or suspicious emails or links. This is the best way to become safe from hackers.

2. Cyber Crime against society

In Cyber Crime against society, attackers target a large group of people or a society. They also intend to affect a large group at once. There are a lot of crimes in this category. But we have discussed only some of them.

Cyber Crimes in India: Society

I. Cyber Trafficking

Nowadays, criminals are using the internet for trafficking. Trafficking means to deal with illegal or prohibited trade activities. Criminals are using the Internet for selling kidnapped children.

You have to become safe from these persons. It is one of the most popular Cyber Crimes in India.

3. Anti-government Cyber Crime

Anti-government Cyber Crime is also known as Cyber Crime against Government. We have discussed some of the important Cyber Crimes against the Government.

Cyber Crimes in India: Government

I. Cyber Terrorism

Terrorists are using the internet to expand their network as well as to spread hate and fear among people.

These terrorists are using the internet as a weapon. They are also hacking government websites to leave their messages and demands.

4. Cyber Crime against Property

This crime is related to property. Attackers target either private or public property. We will also discuss some popular Cyber Crime against Property.

 Crime against Property

I. Cyber Vandalism

Vandalism means to destroy or damage private or public property. Hence, Cyber Vandalism means to damage data of any property when network service is unavailable.

You can make the data on your website safe by using safety measures. You can also see the safety measures on the official website of the Indian Government.

II. Intellectual Property Crimes

This crime includes software piracy, copyright misuse, stealing other’s designs, trademarks, as well as theft of source code.

If anyone is using your design, trademark, source code, etc. Then you can lodge a complaint to the Cyber Department of Police.

Cyber Crimes in India: Conclusion

In the conclusion of Cybercrime in India, we wish your safety. This article is only meant for informational and educational purposes. Ethical Hacking Tool will not be responsible for your misuse.

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