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In the current time, everyone is migrating their business and personal data on Cloud storage. The reason is simple, traditional storage will be expensive for storing more data. There are some difference in the security of both storage.

In this article, we will see Cloud Security vs Traditional Security. It will help you in choosing better security for your precious data. Let’s start this article without any delay.

Cloud Security vs Traditional Security

Cloud Security vs Traditional Security

In this section of our article, we will see the difference between both Cloud Security and Traditional Security. We will also see which one is better among them.

What is Cloud Computing Service?

If we will talk about Cloud Computing Service, then it is a type of storage service in which you can store data on a virtual place on the internet known as Cloud Storage. This service is cheap in comparison to traditional data storing services. It has several types. We will see them one by one.

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types of cyber security

1. Public Cloud

Public Cloud Service is the common Cloud Service. Every cloud service providers are using it. Since it is a Public Cloud, attackers may breach into the server.

2. Private Cloud

If you want to get more security of your data, then you must need a Private Cloud. It will be more secure than the Public Cloud. But, it will be more costly. If we will talk about Private Cloud Security vs Traditional Security, then Private Cloud is more secure.

3. Hybrid Cloud

As the name suggests, a hybrid cloud is a mix of Private and Public Cloud. This service is more cost-effective than a private cloud. You can store precious data in Private cloud while common data in Public Cloud. This is the best service for any organization. If we talk of Hybrid Cloud Security vs Traditional Security, then Hybrid is better.

Now, it is time to see the Traditional Services as it is a part of Cloud Security vs Traditional Security.

What is Traditional Security Service?

Before the period of Cloud Storage, data of every organization was stored on traditional disk drives. Even some small companies use them in the current time. But, they are more costly. If you have to store more data from your organization, it will become very expensive for you. So, you will need Cloud Storage for more cost-effective.

How to make Cloud Storage Secure?

In case of Cloud Security vs Traditional Security, Traditional Data Storage service are expensive, slow, but they are secure. The reason behind this is that all the data is stored on the hardware. Your whole data is offline. So, there is less chance of attacks.

Network Security image

In case of Cloud Storage, your data is stored on the internet. So, there is more chance of data breaching and attacks. In order to make your data safe here, you will have to follow some tips. These tips will make your data safe.

  • Always take Cloud Service from Trusted Providers- This is very necessary to take the service of a trusted and reliable cloud storage provider. Otherwise, you will have to face frequent data breaches and your organization will be at high risk.
  • Review your data on a regular basis for increasing security- You will have to review your stored data regularly. This will help you in knowing that your data is protected or not. You will also know if someone is tampering with your data or not.
  • Monitor threats continuously- Always monitor for threats continuously. Someone can enter in your server from any vulnerable point available in your server. So, monitor for threats continuously.

These are some points to help you in securing your data on cloud. We hope that Cloud Security vs Traditional Security is now clear to you. That’s all in this article.

Conclusion: Cloud Security vs Traditional Security

In conclusion, we hope that you have learned something new today. If you have found this information important, share it in your circle to make other safe from these attacks and data breaching.

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