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On the huge demand of our readers, we have finally brought an article on the topic Alternatives to top Chinese Apps Games. We have handpicked the best alternates to these Chinese apps. You will not remember your Chinese apps after using their alternatives.

So, let us start our article without wasting our time. But, it necessary to know why do we need Chinese Apps Games alternatives. So, we will see it first.

Chinese Apps Games Alternatives

What is the need for Chinese Apps Games alternates?

American President Donald Trump banned Huawei. He blamed Huawei for data stealing and misusing. After that, Xiaomi is accused to keep a track of the user’s incognito browsing data. Everyone is blaming China for spreading of COVID-19 (Confirmation needed because there is no proof against China for spreading this Virus).

After reading the above paragraph, we hope that you have got the answer to the question What is the need for Chinese Apps Games alternates. So, let us start this topic.

List of Chinese Apps with their alternatives

Here is the list of Some Chinese Apps and Games with their non-Chinese alternatives. You will not disappoint with the alternatives because these alternatives are also powerful and popular apps. You will forget your Chinese apps after installing their alternates.

1. TikTok | Chinese Apps Games

TikTok: Chinese App Games

Everyone knows TikTok. It is a famous app for making short and funny videos. ByteDance is the developer of this famous app. This app is mainly attracting youths.


If you want a perfect alternate to TikTok, then you should try our recommended app. You will definitely love that.

Lasso: TikTok Alternate


Have you heard of Lasso? If you have not heard of this app, then you need a brief introduction. It is an American app. Facebook is the developer of Lasso. This app is similar to TikTok. You will love the content of this app.

This app is available on the Play Store and even on the App Store. You can download it from the given embedded links. This app is currently available in certain regions. It will take some time to available in every region.

2. PUBG Mobile | Chinese Apps Games

PUBG Mobile: Chinese Apps Games

This app is on the top list of every gamer. Gaming without PUBG Mobile is almost incomplete nowadays. PUBG is designed by PUBG Corporation (South Korean) and Krafton (South Korean). You might be wondering if the developers of this app are South Korean, how is this app Chinese? It is a Chinese Apps Games because Tencent Games (Chinese) is the developer of PUBG Mobile. The PC version of this game is developed by Korean while the mobile version is developed by the Chinese gaming legend.

Do not mix-up PUBG (PC) and PUBG Mobile. The developers of both games are different.

PUBG Mobile

If you are searching for a similar non-Chinese app, then you are in the right place. You will not disappoint with its alternate.

Call of Duty: PUBG Mobile Alternate

Call of Duty

Call of Duty is very famous among all gamers. This American app is developed by Activision. This game is similar to PUBG Mobile. You will definitely like this game.

Call of Duty

This app is available on the Play Store as well as on the App Store. This app is available for free to download. There are in-app purchases. You can use them if you need them.

3. SHAREit, ShareMe (MiDrop) & Xender | Chinese Apps Games

Another Chinese yet famous app. We use these apps for file sharing without data. These apps are very famous in their category. I can bet that you have used one of these apps even for a single time in your life.

SHAREit: Chinese Apps Games

It was very difficult to find an alternative. But, we have found one. You will love that app.

Files by Google: SHAREit Alternate

Files by Google

As the name suggests, this American app is developed by our favorite Google. Actually, this app is a file manager. But, you can even share your data without the internet easily.

Files by Google

This app is available on the Play Store. If you are an iOS user, then this app is not for you. Use Apple’s AirDrop to share data.

4. CamScanner | Chinese Apps Games

CamScanner: Chinese Apps Games

If you scan document using your phone, then you must have heard of CamScanner. It is another Chinese, yet powerful document Scanner as well as PDF creator app. You can also import images from your phones to convert into documents.


If you do not want to use because it is Chinese, then we have an alternate for you. Our alternate is developed by a top tech giant.

Adobe Scan: CamScanner Alternate

Adobe Scan

Now, you know that Adobe is the developer of this amazing app. You can scan your documents, business cards, etc using this app. After scanning them, you can convert it into PDF. The best thing about this app is that it does not insert its watermark in PDF like CamScanner.

Adobe Scan

You can download this wonderful app from the Play Store as well as from the App Store. This app is available for free to download and use. After downloading it, just sign in and use it.

5. WPS Office | Chinese Apps Games

WPS Office: Chinese Apps Games

WPS Office is one of the popular Office app available on the Play Store. You can use this app for viewing files such as PDF, Presentation, Document, SpreadSheet, etc. It is available for free.

WPS Office

I personally find this app annoying due to its advertisement placement. If you want its alternate, then download our recommended app.

Microsoft Office: WPS Office Alternate

Microsoft Office

Who does not know Microsoft Office? This app is very popular on PCs. It is also available on the mobile platform. Earlier, you had to download separate apps for different types of files, now you can view different types of files on a single app.

Microsoft Office

You can download Microsoft Office on the Play Store as well as on the App Store.

Now, we are ending our list of Chinese apps with their alternatives. You can download alternative apps without any problem. You will definitely love them.

The reason to not include Truecaller in our list

Many of our readers might be wondering Why haven’t we included Truecaller on our list. You must be thinking about it. According to you Truecaller should in the top in our list because its data leaks every time. Your assumption that Truecaller is a Chinese app is wrong.


Truecaller is a Swedish app developed in 2009. Truecaller claims that the data of their users are safe. But, you will always find Truecaller’s users data available for sale on Dark Web.

Conclusion: Chinese Apps Games

We hope that you have found an alternative to your previous Chinese apps. If you have another Chinese app, you can comment their names to know their alternatives. We would be happy to help you.

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