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Many people think by stealing PII an attacker can perform what, and take it easy. But a hacker can misuse that data and perform a malicious attack that can make a financial loss to the victims.

Personally Identifiable Information can help the hackers to know your location, identity, name, date of birth, contact details, and much more. PII is widely stolen by users to perform malicious attacks. Hackers steal victim’s PII and use it to break into the accounts.

by Stealing PII an Attacker can Perform what


We are writing this article only for the educational purpose. We at Ethical Hacking Tool don’t support hacking or any other illegal activities. Stay safe and always keep a distance from cybercrime.

What Can Hackers Do With PII?

Let’s discuss what the hackers can do with your PII. They can perform various malicious attack that has been discussed:

  • Apply For Loan on Victim’s Name: The hacker can use your personal information to apply for a loan on the behalf of victim.
  • Fill Fake Income Tax Return: They can use your data and fill the fake income tax return file on your names. It will make you in trouble.
  • Sell your Personally Identifiable Information: Personal Data is widely sold in the market. They can sell your personal information to the firms and companies that may be in spam.
  • Pay Bills using your financial data: The hacker can hack your financial data and use it to pay their bills for shopping or anything else.
  • Use your credentials: They can use your digital credentials to log in to your id. If they’d log in your shopping account they can easily steal your credit card details or do shopping from your id. If they’ll log in to your E-mail account then they can get access to all your information and track your location, contact, and much more.
  • Perform malicious activities: Cybercriminals can perform various malicious activities using your personal information such as paying bills, fraud online transaction. Hope, you have learned that By Stealing Pii An Attacker Can Perform What.
  • Perform Phishing: The attacker can use your PII to perform a phishing attack. If you don’t know details about the phishing attacks then you can visit here to know about it. its types and prevention.

How To Be Safe?

After knowing, by stealing PII an attacker can perform what, you might be thinking that how to protect yourself from these types of scams.

You should not share your personal information at any unknown site. Never share your personal information on any unsecured websites. If your browser notifies you that a particular site is not secured then never share your personal information there.

Conclusion: By Stealing Pii An Attacker Can Perform What?

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