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As we all know that SQL Injection is one of the top Cyber Attacks performed. Due to this, everyone wants to know the best tools for SQL Injection. Everyone wants to know the tools used for this attack.

In this article, we will see the best tools for SQL Injection in 2020. These tools are very popular. Make sure that you use these tools for learning purposes. Let’s start seeing all the tools without any delay.


This article is only meant for educational purposes and to increase awareness and knowledge among the users. If you misuse this knowledge and tools, Ethical Hacking Tool will not be responsible for your acts.

So, use these tools only for penetration testing and learning purposes. ‘Ethical Hacking Tool’ does not support any illegal activities.

best tools for SQL Injection

Best Tools for SQL Injection

Here are some of the best tools for SQL Injection. Do not misuse them. Use them only for learning purposes and for Pen Testing. We have also included the best Open Source SQL Injection tools in this list. You will definitely like them.

1. SQLMap

SQLMap is one of the best Open Source SQL Injection tools. You can use this amazing tool on Kali Linux. This tool comes pre-installed in Kali Linux.

It is an automatic tool. The detection and exploiting SQL Injection flaws is done automatically using this amazing tool. It can take over the database servers easily and automatically.

2. Whitewidow

Whitewidow is another top tool on our list. It is an amazing Open Source SQL Vulnerability Scanner. It is also an automated tool. The main purpose of this tool is learning SQL Injection.

This amazing tool supports a lot of automatic file formatting, IP Addresses, server information, and much more. You can easily use this tool by downloading it on your system.

3. Damn Small SQLi Scanner (DSSS)

Damn Small SQLi Scanner (DSSS) is one of the best tools in our list. This tool is a fully functional SQL Injection Vulnerability Scanner. This amazing tool is written in Python.

You can easily download this amazing and fully functional tool on your system. You will definitely like this amazing tool.

Conclusion: Best Tools for SQL Injection

In conclusion, we hope that you have got the complete list of the best tools for SQL Injection. Never use these tools for illegal activities. Otherwise, we will not be responsible for you. Get safety tips by exploring our Cyber Security Category.

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