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Are you one of those Pen-tester who hates creating Reports of your work? Then you are in the right place. We have created a list of the best Reporting Tools in Kali Linux for you. You can choose any tool in order to create your report. So, let us start this article without any delay.

We will start this article with a brief introduction to Reporting Tools for those who do not know about it.

Best Reporting Tools in Kali Linux


We are posting these articles for educational purposes. If you misuse any tools after reading this article, Ethical Hacking Tool will not be responsible for that. Stay away from illegal activities as we do not support it.

What are Reporting Tools?

Creating Reports for Pen-testers is a very tricky task. We find it boring to create a report because it is time-consuming. But there is a solution to this. You can use several tools for creating reports. These tools make it easy to create reports. Hence, the tools we use for creating reports easily are known as Reporting Tools.

Now, we will see the list of all the top tools on our list. So, let us see the list without wasting time.

Best Reporting Tools in Kali Linux

We have created a list of best Reporting tools tools for you. You can choose any tools from this list for making your report. These tools will definitely make your work easy.

1. cherrytree

cherrytree is a fantastic tool available for Kali Linux. It is a hierarchical note-taking tool. This tool also features rich text and syntax highlighting. It can also store data in a single sqlite or xml file.

cherrytree Best reporting tools

Giuseppe Penone is the author as well as the developer of this tool.

2. dos2unix

Another one of the best reporting tools on our list is dos2unix. This package contains several utilities. For example, dos2unix, unix2dos, mac2unix, unix2mac. We use these tools for converting line endings of text files between UNIX (LF), DOS (CRLF), as well as Mac (CR) formats.

dos2unix reporting tool

Erwin Waterlander, Christian Wurll, Bernd Johannes Wuebben, and Benjamin Lin developed this useful tool in 1989.

3. MagicTree

MagicTree is one of the best reporting tools as well as the best penetration tester productivity tool in our list. You can use this tool for easy as well as straight forward data consolidation. “Magic” means this tool works magically. “Tree” means it stores all the data in the tree structure.

MagicTree Top Reporting Tool

Gremwell BVBA is the developer as well as the author of this excellent tool.

4. Nipper-ng

Another one of the best Reporting tools on our list. The next generation of Nipper is Nipper-ng. The best thing about this tool is that it is always free for use as well as it is open-source. We use this tool for making observations about the security configurations of several devices. These devices include routers, etc.

nipper-ng top penetration tool

Ian Ventura-Whiting (Fizz) is the author as well as the developer of this useful tool.

5. pipal

The last tool in our list is pipal. It is a very useful tool for you. We analyze passwords using the information and status given by this tool. You have to interpret the results yourself.

pipal best Kali Linux tools

Robin Wood is the author as well as the developer of this tool. This tool is licensed to Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0.

Best Reporting Tools: Conclusion

In conclusion, we wish for the safety of our users. Do not involve in any illegal activity using our information or these tools. Otherwise, Ethical Hacking Tool will not be responsible.

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