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In this article, we will talk about the best Information Gathering Tools in Kali Linux. There a lot of Information Gathering Tools in Kali Linux. But, we have created a list of best tools among them. We have described all the best tools in order to make your work easier to find the best Information Gathering tool.

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Best Information Gathering Tools in Kali Linux

What are the best Information Gathering Tools?

Information Gathering Tools are tools that are used to gather information of hosts and targeted networks. We can gather maximum information of any targeted network using powerful Information Gathering Tools available for Kali Linux.

We have discussed some best Information Gathering Tools of Kali Linux below. You can now know about them in detail.

Best Information Gathering Tools

Here is the list of best tools according to us.

1. Nmap


Nmap or Network Mapper is an open-source and free information gathering tool. It is one of the best Information gathering tools. This software is used for security auditing and network discovery.


The best thing about Nmap is that it uses raw IP pockets to gather information in a novel way. These pieces of information include the list of hosts, operating system, and OS Version using by them, services used by them as well as the type of firewall using by them and different other information.

2. Zenmap

Zenmap is a GUI version of Nmap. This tool is mainly for beginners who find difficulty in using Nmap. This tool is also open source and free for use. It is also one of the best Information Gathering tools available in Kali Linux.

3. DMitry

DMitry or Deepmagic Information Gathering Tool is a LINUX Command Line Application. This tool is also an Open Source Project.

DMitry Best Information Gathering Tools

This tool also has the ability to gather maximum information about a host. Its base functionality can gather information like possible sub-domains, email addresses, whois lookups, tcp port scan, and much more.


Best Information Gathering Tools

SPATRA is a GUI application written in Python language. This tool adds penetration tester during the scanning and enumeration phase in order to simplify network infrastructure penetration testing. SPARTA also saves a lot of time by simplifying things.

5. Maltego Teeth

Maltego Teeth is a special tool. This tool delivers a clear threat image to the environment that an organization owns and operates.

Best Information Gathering Tools

Maltego can also access hidden information. It has a very powerful search tool to provide smart results.

6. Metagoofil

Metagoofil tool extracts metadata of public documents (for example, pdf, doc,xls ,ppt, docx, pptx, xlsx) of a target company.

mation Gathering Tools

This tool also performs a search on Google and downloads. all identified documents. After that, it extracts metadata from downloaded documents using different libraries such as Hachoir, PdfMiner? and others. Using the results, it also creates a report of username, software version, server name, etc. This helps in penetration testing.

Best Information Gathering Tools: Conclusion

In conclusion, we will not recommend you to use these tools if you are a beginner. This information is only for educational purposes. Ethical Hacking Tool will not be responsible if you do any illegal activity using this information.

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