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In the current era of the internet, everyone is using the internet. From buying groceries to earning money, the internet is needed. Without the internet, our life is incomplete. But, there are some threats for everyone over this internet. It is very necessary for us to know about the basics of Cyber Security in order to remain protected over the internet.

In this article, we will see the importance to learn the basics of Cyber Security. It will help you to remain safe on the internet. So, let us begin this article with the most important topic “Basics of Cyber Security

Basics of Cyber Security

Why is it important to learn the basics of Cyber Security for Everyone?

We all are using the internet. Net banking, UPI, E-wallets have made our transactions hassle-free and secure. We do not have to go to banks for transactions. We can do transactions online. But if you do not know about the basics of Cyber Security, then all your hard-earned money could disappear from your account.

Basics of Cyber Security help you in becoming safe and secure over the internet. Becoming self-dependent over the internet is necessary. You can choose what is right or wrong over the internet. You can also identify the fake Social media, Banking sites.

For example, You got an email to reset your Net Banking. On opening the bank site through the link provided in the email, you saw the same interface as you get in your bank site. So you become confident and enter all the details. Do not do that. Before entering any details on that site, check the domain of the site. It might be (fake) instead of (original). We took the example of the website of SBI.

This is known as phishing attack. In order to become safe from these scams, you need to learn the basics of Cyber Security.

Tips to become safe on Internet Banking

We will share some tips with you. These tips will help you from saving yourself from frauds.

  • Always log in to your Net Banking through the official site of your bank. Never google for the site.
  • Never share your ATM PIN, OTP, or any confidential information to anyone.
  • Banks never call you for password or account details. Such calls are a fraud. Report them immediately.
  • Make your Net Banking passwords strong. Do not use your name, D.O.B., pet name, or something easy as your password.
  • Do not click on the bank link you get in SMS and emails. These must be a fraud.

These tips will save you over the internet. Stay alert and become safe over the internet.

You can also download Cyber Security basics pdf from this link. Cyber Security basics pdf will help you in downloading this article in pdf format. This will help you in learning Cyber Security basics pdf.


In conclusion, we wish for the safety of our readers. Follow these instructions in order to remain safe over the internet. We provided these articles for educational purposes. Do not involve in any illegal activity using these pieces of information. Otherwise, Ethical Hacking Tool will not be responsible.

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